SPARQL and Rule-based Reasoning endpoint service as an endpoint to XHTML file with RDFa content using Jena API:
simple client html page with:
• a text field to specify URL of XHTML file with RDFa content
• a text field to specify a Rule(s) (example of rule presentation format that the service supports next to the text field)
• a text field for SPARQL query
• a button to run a query/reasoner (if no rules mentioned, query is performed on top of initial content, otherwise, on top of a content extended with new inferenced facts)
• a field to present a query result (table with values of corresponding variables)
♣ Simple functionality of the servlet backend includes:
• receiving URL of XHTML file, SPARQL query and Rules from the client
• parsing of RDFa content
• performing Rules and SPARQL query. supports different SPARQL query types (select, construct, describe and ask)
• sending query result back to the client


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