JJ's random experiments

Umbrella project for various codes by JJ. more…


Simulation code for a standard popular science tourist attraction in chaotic dynamics. more…

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Automatic truncation of basis in least-squares curve fitting using a family of functions (1D). Given a set of basis functions Phi = {phi_0, phi_1, …, phi_m} (m < n, where n is the number of data points), this fitter will try the subsets {phi_0}, {phi_0, phi_1}, {phi_0, phi_1, phi_2, …, phi_{k-1}, phi_k}, …up to and including the original full set Phi, performing a least squares fit to the data for each subset. more…

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Generator for fractals of the Mandelbrot and Julia types. Configurable recursion formula. more…

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Codes related to small projects for which a separate repository would be overkill.

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FREYA (Finite element based Radically ElementarY Applied mathematics library) is a Python library for numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) by the finite element method (FEM), in one and two space dimensions, with C0 or C1 continuity across element interfaces. Given an element type, it discretizes weak forms automatically. more…

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A generic Makefile for compiling LaTeX documents. Includes support for BibTeX (optionally with per-chapter bibliographies), makeindex and automatically compiling .svg figures using Inkscape in CLI mode. Will automatically run pdflatex several times when needed. more…

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