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XeTeX and LuaTeX are two modern TeX engines which make it significantly easier to work with multiple scripts and fonts as well as use advanced typography features by using standard modern font engines with good Unicode support. Both are included in the TexLive distribution. The PDFTeX team consider LuaTeX its successor: . I am using XeTeX for my thesis since I need to typeset a few Chinese characters and it makes it a lot easier.

This patch uses the fontspec packages instead of the old inputenc and fontenc packages when one of these engines are detected so that UTF-8 encoded Unicode "just works". The chosen serif, sans and mono fonts: TeX Gyre Termes, Heros and Cursor are derived from URW Nimbus Roman L, URW Nimbus Sans L and URW Nimbus Mono respectively, but with extra characters added covering many scripts (for some scripts such as Chinese, another font must be manually specified by the user). This fonts are essentially identical to the Times, Helvetica and Courier fonts. See

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about merging this patch.

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  • Use fontspec with XeLaTeX/LuaLaTeX: easier unicode

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