Repository for pd and sc3 meetings.

Programming environments

for making music

and other interesting things


Hello Sound

s.boot; to start sc3 synth engine
(degree: 1).play; play a note

Make a loop { |i| i.postln; }


Hello Sound

Pd hello sound

Make a loop

Pd loop


Make some music


Gestural Input Devices

  • Get Qualisys mocap and other data into Puredata and Supercollider. <— DONE!
  • Get Myo armband data into Puredata. <— DONE!

Communication between Puredata and Supercollider

Send and receive OSC messages through a UDP network port.

  • Send EMG, gesture, accelerometer and gyroscope data from a Myo armband to Puredata and Supercollider. <— DONE!
  • Send sync, mouse and wiimote data from Puredata to Supercollider. <— DONE!
  • Text chat between Puredata and Supercollider. <— DONE!
  • Sync Supercollider to Puredata by a common clock (sync). <— DONE!

Connect through the internet <— DONE!

These pages might contain useful information:


Code and patches for SuperCollider and PureData, which are programming environments for realtime sound synthesis and algorithmic music composition.

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