On Dynamic Interaction of Moving Thermoelastic Panel and Flow of Ideal Fluid

The paper is devoted to the analysis of the travelling panel, submerged in axially flowing fluid. In order to accurately model the dynamics and stability of a lightweight moving material, the interaction between the material and surrounding air must be taken into account somehow. The light weight of the material leads to the inertial contribution of the surrounding air to the acceleration of the material becoming significant. The approach described in this paper allows for an efficient semi-analytical solution, where the fluid flow reaction is analytically represented by the added-mass model in terms of the panel displacement function. Then the panel displacements, accounting also for the fluid-structure interaction are analyzed with the help of the weak form of behavior of partial differential equation and Galerkin method of solution. In the first part of this paper we describe the travelling panel by a single partial differential equation (in the weak form), using added-mass approximation of the exact fluid reaction. In the second part, we apply Galerkin method for simulation of nonstationary panel behavior and present analytical investigation of static instability phenomenon (divergence), which is based on added-mass modeling.

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