Reviewing merge request #1: Removing copy-paste code, etc

I removed some copy-paste code and added sorting by subphase possibility. Also fixed it to use the default csv format exported by the Excel workbook we are targeting.

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • a14b121
  • 6b322b8
  • Bysubphase option, format

  • a5c8000
  • Eliminated some copy-paste code

  • 20410fb
  • I love deleting code

  • e36ce67
  • Cleanup, added author ;)

Showing a14b121-6b322b8


Congratulations on making the first merge request on YouSource!

It sure feels like the first one, too. There’s currenly an issue on viewing the merge request commit diffs, it will be taken care of.

→ State changed from Open to Closed

Merged. Thanks for the changes :–)

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